A Buddhist Diagnosis of the Climate Crisis

Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi

Here is a video of my presentation at the Buddhist leaders gathering in Washington (on May 14th), “A Buddhist Diagnosis of the Climate Crisis.” I use the four noble truths as a template for understanding the crisis, proceeding from manifestations to causes and then seek a remedy to the crisis modeled on the factors of the noble eightfold path.

For those who would like the Power Point, here is a link:

And here is a PDF of the same outline:
Long Handout_BDCC_2015-05-09

And this is an hour-long version of my talk, given last August at the Eco-Dharma Conference in Wonderwell, New Hampshire:

To follow this in detail, one also needs to refer to the “Domains of Value” chart:

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2 responses to “A Buddhist Diagnosis of the Climate Crisis

  1. Perhaps conferences of spiritual and philosophical leaders, either in person or via Skype, etc. would be effective tools for good change. Philosophy Professor John McMurtry is one man, along with yourself and many others, who came to mind as a presenter at such conferences, if organized. His writings are very impressive and can be found at:


  2. How is the free market economic system constucted to serve the artificial need/greed of man-made financial capital at the expense of the real well being of human and natural capital? How can we move towards steady state human scale economy and away from the vicious cycle of mindless financial profit, industrial production, mindless consumption, and waste?