Feeding Schoolchildren in Cameroon

BGR Staff

A few days ago we received the following message and photographs from Kwangene Princely, Executive Director of our partner in Cameroon,  CENCUDER (Centre for Community Development and Environmental Restoration)


The feeding program sponsored by Buddhist Global Relief has so far been  a fantastic success. We are proud to say that many pupils who initially did not like going to school are now the first persons to come to school with their plates. Some even attempt to come on Saturday, which is not a school day, thinking that they are going to be served with food. So far, the performance of the children in the first results has improved by 60% compared to last year’s first term. The health of the children is also becoming better. Children who suffered from diseases due to malnutrition, like Kwashiorkor, which affected their performance in school, are doing quite well.

Many primary schools in the subdivision are coming to our office to have the program extended to their school as well. There is a lot of pressure on our side from the children, the parents, and head teachers of other schools. In fact, our feeding program is the first of its kind to be instituted by an NGO in the southwest region of Cameroon. The program is making great news.

We thank you all at Buddhist Global Relief. It is really a veritable change in the lives of these children and the most powerful tool to increase the school attendance rate in rural areas of Africa



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    awesome work